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Decision for Jesus - Prayer of Salvation
If you like to give your heart to Jesus, if you like your sins forgiven,
than we invite you to pray the following prayer with all of your heart:
“Jesus, I believe you died on the cross and rose again on the third day. I believe you are now alive and hear my prayer.

Jesus, I humble myself. I know I am a sinner and my sins have separated me from God. I am truly sorry, and now I am willing to repent, I want to turn away from my past sinful life.

Forgive me, Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. Forgive me and help me avoid sinning again. I put my faith in you. Let your blood cleans my sins away. Wash me as white is snow. Purify my heart from all evil. Make me clean, Lord Jesus.

As you forgive me Lord I forgive those who sin against me. All those who hurt me I forgive.

I give my whole life to you Lord Jesus. Jesus Christ be my Lord and my Saviour from as of today. I surrender my will and life over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. His will be done, not mine. I receive Jesus into my heart by faith and confess with my mouth that He is my personal Lord and Saviour.

I will walk in your Spirit, in Your Light, in Your Love, in Your Purity, in Your Holiness and in Your Joy all the days in my life.

I want to be a Christian, born again of the Spirit of God. I invite the Holy Spirit to fill me to over-flowing with the tangible presence of Jesus so I can live a Holy and Pure life serving my Lord and Master.

Thank you Jesus for hear my prayer.


You may not have the exact words, but if your heart is to follow Jesus and you have pray this from your heart, the good news is: your sins are forgiven.

Start reading the Bible, pray daily and believe that Jesus is listening.
Look to Jesus, hold to His unchanging hand and one day heaven will be yours.
Ask Jesus for a church and be baptized with fully immersed in water.

For Questions, help and prayer you may for instance contact the following Christian Ministries:

God bless you.

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